Integration Courses For Middle Eastern Migrants In Germany To Target Growing Anti-Semitism

Integration Courses
Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Integration courses intended for migrants in Germany will include a special programme to combat ever growing anti-Semitic attitudes which migrants bring with them from the Middle East.

A Jewish network lobbied the German government to include a 10-point plan aimed at combating anti-Semitism among Middle Eastern migrants. In the programme migrants are encouraged to deal directly with the issues they may have with Jews and the Jewish religion so they better understand that anti-Semitic attitudes are not welcome in Germany or Europe.

The network says issues discussed in the programme will include the special relationship of Germany and Israel, as well as the Holocaust, reports Die Zeit.

The programme sheds light on the latest figures regarding the rising tide of anti-Semitic violence in Germany. The network remarks that there must not be tolerance toward such attitudes and beliefs, and that it is required that police intervene immediately against organisations — like terrorist groups Hamas and ISIS — that promote the hatred of Jews.

According to Anetta Kahane, the chairperson of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Jews in Germany are becoming more fearful and insecure, with many afraid to confess their religious identity in public for fears of threats and violence. The migrant crisis has only strengthened the rise in hatred toward Jews with the Director of the Ramer Institute, Deidre Berger, saying that “the continuing influx of refugees from countries where anti-antisemitism and the hatred of Israel is widely used – or even part of the state ideology,” is an increasing fear for German Jews.

On Sunday the International Conference on Anti-Semitism was launched in Berlin. The conference sees more than 100 delegates from 40 countries gather to discuss the topic and the best methods of preventing hate and violence. The event is organised with the full support of the German Bundestag and the Federal Foreign office and will be held under the German Presidency of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Anti-Semitism has been on the rise in Europe since the start of the migrant crisis and the importation of vast numbers of Muslim migrants who traditionally hold anti-Jewish attitudes.

In France Jews are leaving for Israel in record numbers due to threats and violence against them, as Breitbart previously reported. In 2015 almost 8,000 Jews left Europe for Israel in one of the largest mass migrations of Jews to Israel since the formation of the Jewish state in 1948.

The Jewish population in France and Europe has been the subject of many attacks in recent years, like the shooting in a kosher supermarket in Paris as part of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and shootings at a synagogue in Copenhagen. Most recently a Muslim man in Denmark was found plotting to shoot and murder children in a Jewish school in the Danish capital.