WATCH: London Teens Shot At By Man in Traditional Muslim Clothing

Footage has emerged of teenagers in a North London suburb being shot at by a man dressed in traditional Muslim attire.

The shooting took place in Edmonton in North London when an armed man opened fire on four teenage boys as he chased them down near a shopping centre.

The footage of the clash reveals that the incident may have been sparked by an argument the teens had with the traditionally-dressed Muslim man. The video appears to have been recorded from a nearby balcony and gives a bird’s-eye view of what occurred. The attacker chases the four teens across a busy road while cars attempt to dodge and swerve around them.

After tracking one of the teens, the gunman opens fire and appears to hit the boy in the leg. He then tries to catch up with the others but is unsuccessful as they manage to get away from the potentially murderous rampage. The video ends with the cameraman shouting to the attacker “They’re coming for you” as he flees the scene and the victims of the shooting pile into a nearby car and escape.

The man who shot the footage, named Andrew according to the Daily Mail, said that he started filming the incident after he heard an altercation at the nearby shopping centre and became curious as to what was going on.

“I looked over and decided to record it. I honestly thought it was some guys having a punch up or something like that,” he told the paper. “There was a lot of commotion and then these kids broke out of the crowd and ran away and the guy with the gun ran after them and opened fire. I couldn’t believe what I was filming. I’ve never seen anything like that outside my house, I was left wondering what the hell was going on out there. It’s London, I don’t expect to see that sort of stuff.”

Muslim and migrant crime is one the rise not just in the UK but all over Europe since the migrant crisis began. Gangland-style warfare is hitting the streets in many European capitals and is often related to Muslims.

Only a few weeks ago a group of Afghani migrants stabbed and beat a group of Chechen migrants over what was described as a Facebook insult in Vienna. The crime shocked Austrians as their capital is considered one of the safest cities in Europe and consistently ranks as the first or second best city to live in worldwide.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that they knew about the incident and said they had no reports of any of the victims sustaining injuries. They said that no one had been arrested in connection with the event and they had found evidence of a blank firearm having been discharged at the scene.