‘Like 1984’ — Politician Admits To Bussing Migrants To Schools To Guilt Students Away From Controlled Borders Views

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A Swedish member of parliament has expressed his frustration after revelations a Swedish school engaged in social engineering to change the political views of their young pupils.

Sweden Democrat (SD) member of parliament Kent Ekeroth said the actions of the school showed the political establishment in his country had all-but succeeded in turning the country into an Orwellian “1984-society”.

Ebba Ostlin

Councillor with responsibility for education Ebba Östlin, Social Democratic Party

The deliberate, and apparently successful reprogramming of Swedish school children’s political views was revealed by a boastful Social Democratic Party party member in the nation’s left wing, best-selling newspaper Aftonbladet. Speaking for an article celebrating the arrival of migrants at one Stockholm suburb school suburb councillor Ebba Östlin explained the effort to change the school had started in 2010.

The school had hosted mock elections that year and to her horror 25 per cent of the 12-16 year olds at the school voted for the anti mass-migration Sweden Democrat party. This result, reports Aftonbladet “started a discussion on the need for a greater mix [of young people in] the municipality”.

Councillor Östlin said of her response to the right-wing result in the mock-vote: “We saw that many in the Falkbergsskolan school election voted for SD. We then felt this was a point to work actively on, [to change] values and issues”.

Explaining the ease with which staff at the school, working together with their local government, could change the political views of their pupils headmistress Anna-Lena Bergman said: “Young people are very receptive when they receive understanding, and can think again. We said they would try to make the new students feel welcome”.

Now 12 students are bussed in from across town every day and have their own Arabic-speaking teachers and class. Headmistress Bergman told the paper teaching them in Arabic rather than Swedish with the other pupils had “advantages”, but they had found trying to migrate them to Swedish-taught lessons “the most difficult step”.

Councillor Östlin explained that forcing an increase in diversity, and the number of non-Swedish pupils at the school had succeeded in bringing down the Sweden Democrat vote in the school.

The Botyrka municipality where the Falkbergsskolan school is located is already one of Stockholm’s most ‘multicultural’ suburbs. More than half of its inhabitants are not of Swedish origin.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth said he was dismayed by the boasts of the local government and the actions of the school, but not surprised. He said: “It is totally insane and goes to show what a 1984-like society Sweden has become.

“This really is political correctness gone out of control. That schools and politicians take it upon themselves to directly and actively ‘correct’ pupils’ political views, even though they are supporting a legitimate and democratic party, is a breach of their mandate and and an appalling show of disrespect towards opinions apart from their own”.

“It is more like the DDR [the former Communist East German Republic] than Sweden”.

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