Business Insider: ‘Britain Has Found Its Obama’

AP Photo
The Associated Press

From Jim Edwards writing at Business Insider:

Sadiq Khan’s victory in the London mayoral election puts him — in theory — just two or three election cycles away from being Britain’s first non-white, Muslim prime minister. His ability to win (in contrast to the current Labour leadership generally) potentially makes him Britain’s Obama.

The chief executive of London is the second most powerful political office in the UK. If London were its own country — metro population of 14 million, GDP of $700 billion — it would be a formidable nation in its own right. London is 22% of UK GDP, and that makes it the financial equivalent of Turkey or Switzerland.

It is easy to see how Khan could use his term as mayor to springboard back into parliament as an MP, where he would inevitably be seen as a successor to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. After that, in the 2025 general election, Labour could go into battle with an experienced leader who has a track record of winning, if the party wants it that way.

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