French PM: Donald Trump Is a Little Man, And Probably A Bad Man


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has accused the likely Republican nominee Donald Trump of being “little” and a “bad man”, stating that the unpopularity of globalism is a “challenge” to be confronted.

In the interview with France’s Public Senat channel, Mr Valls said, “Look at what is happening in the United States, we have great challenges but at the same time…,” before being interrupted by his interviewer, who suggested: “Little men?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. Little men,” said Mr Valls, and when asked if Trump was a “little man”, he said: “Yes, and probably a bad man.”

During the interview he went on to state that challenges of democratic societies, economic globalisation and the “globalisation of terrorism” create a “deep questioning of representative democracy, everywhere.”

He pointed to populism being a problem, and that France cannot lecture other countries because they are affected by populism “above all” – referring to the popularity of Eurosceptic, anti-mass immigration Front National.

Terrorism is not a threat in all democratic societies but does pose potential risk in countries where politicians have allowed large numbers of Muslims to migrate  – mostly in secret or against their electorates’ wishes  – and where a lack of social cohesion leads to parallel societies in those countries.

This is not the first time the Socialist Party Prime Minister has criticised Mr Trump. In December Mr Valls accused him of “stoking hatred and misinformation”, in response to the remaining Republican candidate’s warnings that as a result of mass Muslim migration to Europe, there are no-go areas where police officers are afraid to go. British policemen have since vindicated Mr Trump’s claims, one with a verified police Twitter account writing:

“Even routine calls to these areas make me nervous. If we hear colleagues going to them we always free ourselves up and make our way to the area just in case. People in these areas have little or no issue ambushing and attacking officers.”