‘A Historic Betrayal’: Leftists, Greens Block Bid To Officially Recognise ISIS Genocide

ISIS Genocide

An attempt to recognise the wholesale murder of Christians, Kurds, apostates, and other persecuted minorities as well as the destruction of cultural heritage as a genocide has failed after Sweden’s Socialist, and “Infiltrated” Green party voted against the move this week .

Before the vote, most of Sweden’s political parties, including the insurgent populist right Sweden Democrats agreed in the parliamentary debate that the Islamic State was in fact committing a genocide. The language used by parliamentarians across the board was strident, with Socialist-Feminist ‘Left’ party politician stating “it is crystal clear, this is a genocide”, reports Dagen.

Liberal centrist MP Kerstin Lundgren went further, calling the Islamic State a “genocidal machine”.

Yet when the matter actually went to the Swedish parliament on Wednesday, the motion was not passed because the two coalition partners of the Swedish government opposed the vote. Member of parliament for the Social Democrats Anders Österberg said the evidence didn’t support the idea of a full genocide, and that ISIS was responsible instead for just “attempted genocide”.

Members from the three parties who recognised the genocide expressed their frustration at the outcome this week. Julia Kronlid of the anti mass migration Sweden Democrats said: ” It is shameful and it makes me deeply, deeply disappointed”, while Sofia Damm of the Christian Democrats called it a “historic betrayal”.

Fellow Christian Democrat Robert Halef stood in parliament to ask after mass murders and beheading, “just what is needed for parliament and government to recognise the mass murder?”.

Even before the sharp criticism over their stance against recognising ISIS war crimes, the red-green coalition leading Sweden had enjoyed a rough ride over the past month. An unfolding scandal over the Islamisation of the junior partner Green Party claimed the scalp of a government minister, and led to the suspension or resignation of a large number of party activists.

Green housing minister Mehmet Kaplan was the first to go, after photographs taken at an event showed him sharing a meal with radical Islamists. Although he dismissed the claims made against him as smears, further revelations gave credence to the accusations made about him for years beforehand about his Islamist beliefs.

Other party members departed after having their radical Muslim beliefs unveiled in the sudden focus of media scrutiny. Parliament candidate Yasri Khan went into early retirement after he refused to shake a woman’s hand on television, and activist Mohamed Temsamani was revealed to have links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The sudden proliferation of radical Muslims in Sweden’s Green Party has led one senior security expert to remark the party had been infiltrated by Islamists. Speaking to Swedish media, the chief of the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College Lars Nicander said: “people close to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist party, apparently gaining large footholds in the Green Party”.

Mr. Nicander said because the Green party was fundamentally humanist, it had failed to examine people’s motives and values when they joined,  remarking “they are naive”.

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