Foreign Minister: ‘The EU Should Not Try To Become A Superstate’


Poland’s outspoken, right-wing foreign minister has turned his guns on the increasingly super-state like aparatus of the European Union, and has said Europeans should try to solve problems locally, rather than relying on continental solutions.

Foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski, who has been in the post since Poland’s landslide elections in November, made the remarks in conversation with Germany’s Welt, saying “We should solve problems at the lowest possible level”.

The Polish politician said issues should only be tackled at a supra-national level in special cases, and above all: “The EU should not try to become a superstate”.

Taking a pot-shot at the lack of democracy in the European Union and the power of unelected bureaucrats in the Commission, Mr. Waszczykowski said the power should overwhelmingly reside in national parliaments. While the foreign secretary said the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union, it should be in a Union reformed along his own lines — with no Lisbon treaty, Euro single currency, and respect for the sovereignty of member states.

On the other hand, he said in this “very closely balanced Union” there should be more integration in common energy — perhaps a reflection of eastern Europe’s traditional energy dependence on Russian gas, and a “common security policy”.

While Mr. Waszczykowski said he didn’t want Poland to leave the European Union, the constant attacks on the policies of Poland’s right wing, democratically elected government have left some senior figures asking whether Poland needed their own referendum.

Poland has recently received censure from the EU over their refusal to take immigrants from other European nations under the Union’s forced relocation scheme, and may be fined considerable amounts of money if they continue to refuse. Mr. Waszczykowski said: “Each state has the sovereign right to decide on the admission of migrants themselves”.

Breitbart London has reported before on the remarks of Poland’s foreign minister, who has robust views on the migrant crisis, and the European political left. Speaking out after the Bataclan attacks in November, Mr. Waszczykowski predicted “crazed leftists” would attempt to blame the violence on the West rather than the Islamist perpetrators.

He said: “I have a problem with that, because I heard in this morning’s discussions these crazed leftists who explained that we are guilty, that Western countries are to blame.

“[They say] we have not created the right conditions for living, for integration for these people and they are so frustrated by it they reach for the Kalashnikov, the suicide belt. It is down to the faults of our society.

“That’s a blind alley. Whipping up shame in our society, makes our civilisation lame”.

Mr. Waszczykowski is the former Polish ambassador to Iran, an experience he says has given him a unique insight into Middle Eastern culture and Islam, and leading him to remark:

“I know this region, I know the culture, I know what might happen with uncontrolled migration from regions where war has been going on for years”.

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