EXCLUSIVE: Farage Blasts Tory MEP ‘Threat’, Predicts Gove Or Johnson As Prime Minister ‘By Summer’

Nigel Farage has struck back at a Conservative Party Member of the European Parliament for suggesting that he would have been the subject of violent attacks if the UKIP leader didn’t have cameras following him around on his UK-wide Brexit tour.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, Mr. Farage remarked that Sajjad Karim’s comments were “an astonishing thing for someone to say”.

Yesterday Breitbart London revealed how Mr. Karim, a defector from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservative Party had implied that the residents of Birmingham would have been violent against Mr. Farage had it not been for television camera crews. He said on Twitter: “thank goodness cameras present otherwise I’m sure he wld hv bn dealt with”.

But Mr. Farage blasted the implication that people around the UK would resort to violence, critiquing Mr. Karim’s assertion.

“I’m sure Mr. Cameron being a peace loving man will deal with that MEP accordingly. It’s an astonishing thing for someone to say. I feel really strongly about how this referendum is going. About some of the lies we’re being told. I want to deal with people verbally. The intonation from Sajjad Karim is that people should deal with me physically. That is, I think, a very dangerous trend in politics.”

Speaking after placing a £1000 bet on Brexit at the Ladbrokes betting shop in Moorgate in London, Mr. Farage also reflected on how the referendum campaign was finally taking shape.

He commented: “I think firstly what the government have done, the Treasury, and all the overpaid failures that work for the IMF, the OECD, I think this perpetual diet of negativity – I think people are saying ‘We’ve had enough of this’. And kind of the feeling that some people would be worse off outside the European Union: the people that govern us.

“I have been saying for a very long time that we should have an Australian style points system. We should control immigration. We should have an equitable system that doesn’t discriminate against people because of where they come from. We want people to come here with skills and trades, we want people to come here who haven’t got criminal records, bring their own health insurnace. But we must must must control the numbers.

“The fact that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove this week have taken that position, and given that – if my bet here is right – that one of them is probably going to be Prime Minister by the end of the summer, there is now a broad political voice saying this is the right approach… and the only way you can do it is a vote to Leave. That’s why I put my money down. I now genuinely believe that Brexit is going to win”.