Matt Damon Slams Brexit, Thinks It Means The UK ‘Drifting Out To Sea’


Actor Matt Damon has weighed into the UK referendum debate by calling Brexit an “insane idea” during his commencement speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Speaking before the graduating class of 2016, Damon rubbished the idea that Britain should leave the European Union (EU), also opining on the migrant crisis in Europe and of course, climate change.

He began: “Or the Brexit – for God’s sakes, that insane idea that the best path for Britain is to cut loose from Europe and drift out to sea. I mean what is Europe even going to look like in 25 years?”

“Turn toward the problems that you see,” he told the audience. “You have to engage.’’

His comments have not been well met by Britons on Twitter however, who have bemoaned the fact that yet another left-wing American voice is chiming into the debate about British sovereignty and self-governance.


A spookily prescient Daily Mail article from April however did mention that Mr. Damon visited a pub in Britain, noting: “Thankfully, Damon did not bore locals with his views on Brexit”.

He appears to have changed his approach to the subject, opting to bore a class of MIT graduates instead.