Top Labour MP Wants Facebook To Get Young People To Vote In Brexit Referendum


Labour’s Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration has called on Facebook to get involved in Britain’s European Union referendum by encouraging them to exercise their vote in just under three weeks’ time.

Gloria de Piero has called on Mark Zuckerberg’s company to involve itself in the vote just days after it was revealed that the company is planning a raid on free speech across the continent in conjunction with the European Commission, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

Breitbart London revealed this week that Facebook is one of the leading organisations behind the plan to criminalise and censor what they deem to be “hate speech”.

Despite this, Ms. De Piero today wrote to the firm, asking for notifications to pop up on Facebook, reminding people to register to vote, and to vote on the day of the referendum.

“The reminder to register before the general election was seen by 15 million people, making Facebook one of the largest referrers to the Government’s voter registration website,” she said.

“On election day, a ‘voter megaphone’ feature also reminded people to vote with a notification when they logged in to Facebook”.

“They were also able to share the news that they had voted with their friends once they had cast their ballot, encouraging the rest of their network to vote too.”

Young people are traditionally less likely to vote, and indeed less likely to vote for a ‘Brexit’.

“We know that young people are the least likely group to be registered to vote, and yet they will feel the effects of the referendum result for the longest,” she wrote.

“I believe every young person should have their say in this once-in-a-generation vote, and would ask you to be part of the drive to give them a voice.”

“Time is short, and the stakes are high.

“Please consider continuing your excellent work in promoting democracy, by reinstating reminders to register and to vote for the EU referendum.”

Facebook has recently been criticised for suppressing ‘conservative’ or ‘right wing’ opinions on its platform.