Boris: You Must Vote To Leave The EU Or Wake Up With The Worst Hangover In History


Former London Mayor Boris Johnson writes in the Telegraph:

It’s June 24 and quite early in the morning – too early, frankly. You wake up with a vague but intensifying sense of guilt, and wonder why you have fallen asleep on the sofa. There are half-drunk beer cans lying around, crisp packets. The TV is burbling to itself in the corner of the room, and you know that in a second you are going to remember that something big has happened, and that you aren’t going to like it – and then it hits you: the Referendum! That’s right.

Yesterday morning you were on the verge of voting to Leave the EU. You were all psyched up. You could see that the case was unanswerable – that we were being asked to remain in an EU that was unabashed, unrepentant, undemocratic and, above all, unreformed. You knew that this was the last – the only – chance you would have in your life to vote for change, and to make the powerful listen. This was the moment for Britain to speak for all the people of Europe – everyone enraged with how Brussels works.

You began that Thursday determined to protest against the whole stitch-up: the way the European Commission conspires with big business to regulate out the competition; the lobbyists, the fat cats, the people who were responsible for the VW diesel emissions scandal; and all the billions of pounds of fraud and waste of the EU budget.

This was the moment to stand up for the dispossessed of southern Europe, their lives blighted by the euro. This was the chance to fight for the low-paid in the UK, their incomes compressed – according to the Bank of England itself – by the uncontrolled immigration that is a function of EU membership and the euro crisis.

Now, and now only, was the time to call a halt to the endless erosion of democracy. This was the day when you had resolved to give back to the British people their sovereign right to sack – at elections – the people who make the big political decisions. Yes, you were going to take back control.

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