MPs Plot To Ignore Brexit Vote And Keep Borders Open


Pro-European Union (EU) Members of Parliament are plotting to override the will of the British people if the country votes to leave the EU, it has been revealed.

One Labour MP argued that a Leave vote would not deliver a “mandate” to exit all EU institutions, and should, therefore, be creatively interpreted to remain in the single market – an EU component that would likely require Britain to maintain open borders.

Strict conditions of being in the single market include open borders and contributing to the EU budget, as demonstrated by Norway, which pays and is subjected to unlimited immigration from the EU, despite not being a member.

There is a massive pro-Remain majority in the House of Commons – 454 MPs to 147 – as most Labour MPs, around half of the Conservatives, and the SNP are all behind the EU.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock told the BBC: “If the British people voted to leave the EU that’s one thing.

“But can we really say that they voted for the devastation and destruction of the entire exporting sector of our economy? I don’t think you can necessarily say that there’s a democratic mandate for that.”

Another Europhile MP said bluntly: “We would accept the mandate of the people to leave the EU.”

Adding: “But everything after that is negotiable and Parliament would have its say. The terms on which we leave are entirely within my remit as a parliamentarian and that is something for me to take a view on.”

One SNP frontbencher said they would consider a vote to leave the EU as just a trick by Vote Leave campaigners, rather than the will of the British people.

“Parliament is not going to let Boris Johnson and Michael Gove get away with murder. I just don’t think people are going to roll over, particularly on our trading relationship with the EU,” they said.

The referendum is largely being fought on the issue of immigration. It is the number one issue for most voters, and many will be voting to leave solely to regain control of the UK’s borders.

For that reason, many pro-Leave campaigners support a limited free trade relationship with the EU, based on the deal about to be signed between Canada and the EU – which would allow us to end free movement from the EU.

Labour MP Mr. Kinnock slammed both options. “In a sense it’s a lose-lose situation,” he said.

“I don’t see how you untie that Gordian knot because you’re looking at a massive economic crisis going down the track of the Canada model and a constitutional crisis going down the track of the Norway model.”