Express: Outrage At Bid To ‘Rig’ EU Vote


The Daily Express writes on the extension of the voter registration deadline:

A controversial two-day concession was agreed after the Government website for people to register as electors for the historic vote crashed under the weight of a last-minute surge trying to beat Tuesday’s midnight deadline.

The rush is thought to have been driven by interest in Tuesday’s night’s ITV show where Nigel Farage and David Cameron were grilled by members of the public.

Ministers said site usage hit “unprecedented” highs, possibly frustrating thousands of people’s attempts to ensure they can vote in although it is not known how many were actually unsuccessful.
Emergency legislation will now be rushed through Parliament today extending the deadline to midnight tonight.

Leave campaigners suspected a desire to ensure thousands of young pro-Remainers whose votes could be crucial in a tight result but who are most likely not to be registered, are signed up.

Senior figures were even said to think that “implausibly high” website traffic at 10.15pm on Tuesday pointed to someone deliberately crashing the system and there were warnings the law change paves the way to legal challenges to a close referendum result.

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