Man Who Skewered Cameron On No-Go Zones: ‘Flee Britain if we Remain’


A British Asian man who skewered the Prime Minister on his failure to get a grip on immigration during a televised TV debate this week has advised people to leave the country in the event of a vote to remain within the European Union (EU).

He has also challenged David Cameron to see for himself how unlimited immigration has affected communities.

Harry Boparai hit the headlines on Tuesday night after he left Mr. Cameron red-faced, unable to answer a question on immigration during ITV’s live town hall-style referendum event.

Mr. Bhopara told Mr. Cameron that uncontrolled immigration had left him without a GP, and living in a house too small for his family’s needs in an area which used to be “lovely” but was now a “no-go zone”.

In reply, Mr. Cameron pivoted immediately to the economy and the need to invest in public services.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr. Bhopara said the exchange had persuaded him to vote to leave the EU.

“I’m now more of a Brexiteer. I feel like he sidestepped my question and I didn’t get the answer I expected. I was hoping for more of a constructive plan about how he was going to deal with the influx.”

He believes the migrant influx is now so out of control that “there’s no future” in Britain for him and his family.

“If we stay in this failed club, normal people who have lived in Britain all their lives, trying to support their kids, will have no hope,” he told The Sun.

“The influx of people will only get worse. Where is everyone going to go to school? Where will they live? What about A&E and GP services? Are the Remain camp blind? Can they not see the crisis in front of them?”

He added: “I would encourage [people], and even my own children, to leave the country unless things change here drastically.”

The father of three revealed how he and his partner, Laura, have had to put bunk-beds in the tiny second bedroom of their small first floor flat for their children to sleep in.

“It’s frustrating because I’m doing 80 hours a week to feed my kids and keep a roof over their heads. This is not where I visualised being at this age.”

He admitted that, on the morning of the general election last year, “I wasn’t too sure who I was going to vote for.” But he opted for the Conservatives thanks to the party’s promise to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands.

Yet instead of fulfilling that promise, net migration leapt to an all-time high of 333,000 last year, up 20,000 from the year before – a figure which Mr. Bhopara says proves that the government is powerless to stop the inflow of migrants while we remain within the EU.

For Mr. Bhopara, that has meant watching parts of Hounslow where he grew up turn from a leafy suburb on the western outskirts of London to an area where local councilors admit would “not be happy going even in daylight”.

Up to 20,000 sheds in back gardens are thought to have been converted into rooms for migrants to sleep in, while the local council has been forced to build half a dozen new schools to cope with demand.

“I’ve had enough of [Cameron’s] scaremongering,” he said. “When I tried to pin him down on the numbers he couldn’t give me an answer.

“I see the EU as a failed project. Mr. Cameron has said we will suffer economically if we vote out but I don’t mind another ten years of pain if it means my kids have a future.

And he challenged the Prime Minister to come on a tour of his local area to see for himself how people now live ““in pockets of their own cultures”.

“Cameron can throw all these hocus pocus figures at us,” he said. “I wanted to suggest that he spent an afternoon with me so I could show him real life because his figures aren’t real life.”

Campaign group Migration Watch has today confirmed that the UK must build a new home every four minutes, night and day, in order to house the newcomers and their families.

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