WATCH: Question Time Audience Member Tells Shouty Eddie Izzard To Shut Up

BBC Question Time descended into shouting matches last night as panellist Eddie Izzard decided he was going to interrupt just about everyone else to talk about how he’s (now) transgender, and how he is running marathons in Germany and France in order to promote European Union membership.

But the audience soon became exasperated with the shouty comedian-turned-Labour-activist, culminating in one moment where an audience member had to tell him to “Shut up!” after he screamed over UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage for the third time of the night.

Panellists on the programme included Chris Grayling, Allison Pearson, Nigel Farage, Eddie Izzard and Hillary Benn, with only Hillary and Eddie in favour of remaining in the European Union.

Mr. Farage got some laughs for saying what a change it made, and how once upon a time he was the only member of the panel advocating Britain leaving the European Union.

And he was also called on to offer fact-checks over panellists claims over the European Union – a sea change from previous years when he has been dismissed as a fringe voice.

The episode, which focused on Britain’s membership of the European Union, can be watched back at the BBC iPlayer website.