Business Insider Editor: I Am Starting To Think A Brexit Is A Good Idea


Lianna Brinded, Finance Editor of Business Insider, writes that she has changed her mind and is backing Britain leaving the European Union:

For the first time ever, in my view, the arguments for us breaking ties with Brussels are looking more appealing.

Britain is going to have to decide whether the UK stays in the European Union on June 23 and right now, I am still on the fence about what to do.

Ignoring the political posturing from both sides of the argument in various TV debates and knuckling down to the core arguments that each side presents, there are some are good reasons for Britain exiting the EU – known as a Brexit.

A Brexit was not something that I have ever thought was a good idea, either financially or politically.

The International Monetary Fund cut forecasts for the UK’s GDP growth in 2016 and has warned of severe implications for the UK economy should there be a Brexit. A top official at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) also said the effects of Britain leaving the EU would be akin to a “tax” on British citizens.

A report from the London School of Economics added that British households could lose out on as much as £173 billion per year in the worst case scenario following a Brexit.

But each of the 28-nation members are in it together, working under a single market ideal, where policies and laws are enacted for the good of all countries and do not give a distinct advantage to one more than any other another. Right?

Seeing how the markets and politicians have dealt with the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, the worst refugee problem since World War II, and constant squabbles over EU lawmaking that wrecks national sovereignty, I have become fully unstuck from the mud of the pro-EU camp and will sit on the fence until we vote.

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