WATCH: Katie Hopkins Mocks Remain Supporters Signing Petition For Second Referendum

LBC host and newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins has delivered some strong advice for the embittered ‘Remain’ supporters who are signing a petition to overturn the referendum result.

Over 3 million Brits have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum after Friday’s Brexit vote. It suggests another referendum is required because the winning side – that’s my side – got less than 60 per cent of the vote, and there was a less than 75 per cent turnout.

Now, don’t you just love these guys, don’t you love this petition? I love it, I love it, I love it! Because every time someone clicks on it I can hear the tears of a sorry loser falling on the keyboard, sticky from the last time they got off playing some kind of Playstation game where they’ve never seen the light. They’ve probably got skin as translucent as net curtains.

And you know it says 3 million Brits have signed that petition. I tell you what, I’ve got the files on that and there’s no Brits there – well there’s a few, but most people come from all over the globe, they’ve got postcodes posted up there for you to use… to fraudulently click on that petition.

And big news for you all, big news for the sorry losers, big news for the ‘In’ team, clicking on a petition is not going to do anything. You cannot invent retrospective laws to make the bar higher just because you failed to jump over it. Do you understand?

That petition is not going to get anything to happen. Just like the petition [from] 300,000 people that told me I should be sacked. I kept my job. So petitions change nothing dot org. So you can take you petition if it makes you feel better, click yourself to death on it, but you are not going to get a second referendum.