Swedish Prime Minister Joins EU Leaders Telling Britain To Hurry Up And Get Out

Swedish Prime Minister

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, one of the key architects of the European migrant crisis has called on Britain should submit their application to leave the European Union as soon as possible.

Expressing concern that no negotiations can formally begin until Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty is invoked, Mr. Löfven said “we can not wait and have the uncertainty for a long time”.

The comments came after an emergency meeting of parliament in Sweden on Monday for the government to discuss the potential consequences for that nation of Britain leaving the European Union. Unlike warnings that were issued before the referendum about European nations seeking to punish the UK for leaving them, Mr. Löfven emphasised the opposite, reports Swedens’ Expressen.

He said after today’s meeting: “We agree that we respect the decision. EU rules continue to apply for the UK and we think they should notify [of an article 50 exit] as soon as possible, but they also obviously need time to prepare for it as well, in addition the EU needs time.

“We want a good relationship with the UK”.

Despite that, the Swedish PM insisted there could not be too much delay, a remark that followed the resignation of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister which could leave the triggering of article 50 until the winter, when a new leader is selected. Mr. Löfven said: “We can’t wait for a long time, and have all this uncertainty. Britain and the EU need to prepare for this and I think the EU can start preparing the policy options available immediately, so we are ready for it.

“But Britain must determine, make the notification, and say what kind of relationship they want with the EU. We have not heard anything like from the Leave side, so this is unclear so far” he claimed.

PM Löfven’s comments followed those of German European Union president Martin Schulz who wanted to see Britain go, but as fast as possible. Criticising the British Prime Minister for delaying exit by announcing his own resignation instead of triggering article 50, Schulz said: “Hesitating simply to accommodate the party tactics of the British conservatives hurts everyone”.

Demanding Britain start withdrawal by the leader’s meeting in Brussels tomorrow, Schulz said: “…we expect the British government to deliver. The summit on Tuesday is the right time”.

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