Tebbit: Theresa May Will Drive Tory Members Into The Arms Of UKIP

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Norman Tebbit, who served in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, writes in today’s Telegraph that Theresa May will become “UKIP’s greatest recruiting sergeant”.

Those close to Andrea Leadsom know that she hesitated before deciding to run for Conservative Party leadership because of her concern that it might impose a heavy strain on her 12-year-old daughter.

Now it seems that in the face of the intense smear campaign run by supporters of Theresa May, she concluded that the price of winning would be too high.

Of course she never claimed that being a mother gave her an edge over the childless Mrs May.  She merely expressed her natural pride in her family.

I suspect that much of the hatred she has suffered arises from her opposition to gay marriage as much as her Euroscepticism.

On Monday, the Chairman of the 1922 Committee of the Conservative Parliamentary Party, Graham Brady, announced that the contest for contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party was over. Mrs May will be given the coronation she has coveted and become our new prime minister within days. That will bring an end to what has been a sorry tale of blunders and back stabbings.

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