Shooting In Sweden Immigrant Ghetto Shopping Mall — Gunman At Large

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A man was shot at Rosengård district mall today, a known crime hotspot in one of Sweden’s many so-called ‘no go zones’ — migrant ghettoes.

The offender, who shot a man in the leg after an apparent brawl in the Rosengård shopping mall in Malmo, Sweden is still at large and is being pursued by police dog units and mounted officers. A force spokesman on the scene told press: “it is messy in there, a man has been shot — probably in the leg. He has been taken to hospital”.

A witness to the shooting told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the victim had his wounds dressed in a patisserie. He was apparently shot after a “fight” in the shopping mall.

The alarm was raised around 1720 BST. As is normal for Sweden, no description of the sought attacker whatsoever was released. This practice emerged last year because the force wanted to avoid being accused of racism for always seeking individuals fitting a similar non-Swedish ethnic profile.

While some media outlets have connected the attack to the apparent wave of terrorism presently sweeping Europe, today’s attack — which has been classified by police as attempted murder — is merely the latest in a long line of gun crimes in a country where violent migrant gangs routinely use guns and grenades to settle disputes.

Breitbart London visited the Rosengård district, and the same central mall complex as today’s attack during a September 2015 investigation into the Europe migrant crisis and accompanying crime wave. Fuelled by easy access to automatic assault weapons and grenades from former-Soviet Eastern European countries easily smuggled through Europe’s open borders, Malmo acquired the nickname of “Sweden’s Chicago” for its violent gun crime.

Rosengård’s police station used to be in the same mall where today’s shooting took place, but after it was found to be insufficiently bullet and bomb proof following attacks the location was moved to a new, state of the art fortress in the town. When Breitbart London visited the station and the rest of Rosengård was a completely police-free zone.

Breitbart London spoke to former Malmo police Chief Superintendent Torsten Elofsson while visiting the city and he said crime in the city had increased out of all proportion over his last 20 years, blaming Europe’s freedom of movement laws which “has also brought criminality here… Gun and drug related crime has definitely increased. Until recently the possession of guns by criminals was very rare – now finding people with firearms is a daily occurrence here… most of the guns we seize are used in criminal activity, are held illegally, and are smuggled into Sweden”.

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