‘Man Of The People’ Carswell Is Literally Paid In Gold Nuggets By Westminster Insiders


UKIP MP Douglas Carswell is literally paid in gold nuggets from an “influential” blogging network run by the Westminster elite.

Co-founder of “influential” blogging network MessageSpace and pro-Remain campaigner Jag Singh discussed Mr. Carswell’s “unusual” preferred method of payment in an interview with Campaign.

Mr. Singh, who claims to “own” the political blogging market, hosts blogs of individual politicians on MessageSpace, including that of UKIP MP Douglas Carswell.

He divulged how Mr. Carswell, who left the Tory party two years ago to join UKIP, “asks to be paid in a rather unusual manner”.

“The quirk about Douglas is that because he is such a fiscally responsible person, he wants payment in gold,” Mr. Singh said. “Every month instead of sending him a wire transfer, we are sending him a gold nugget.”

Mr. Singh, who had worked on the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign and more recently on the European Union (EU) referendum ‘Conservatives In’ campaign, told the magazine that traffic and revenue have grown “exponentially” since the early years, with annual revenues now “just touching seven figures”.

The “very profitable” MessageSpace now acts as the exclusive ad network for most of the major political blogs.

“We focused on the political market and we now own it basically,” said Mr. Singh.

At times the ad agency works on opposing sides of the same election; but Mr. Singh claims that MessageSpace is set up to avoid conflicts of interests, noting that: “Westminster is a very small world.”