Knifeman Stabs Two On Early Morning Austria Commute Train


Two men have been seriously injured this morning after a man took out a knife on an early morning train in Vorarlberg, Austria and began stabbing passengers.

Police were able to detain the attacker with the help of other passengers, but not before he was able to cause significant harm to a 17 and a 19-year-old man at around 0630 this morning. The younger man was stabbed in the neck, while the 19-year-old was attacked in the abdomen and back.

A third passenger received a cut to the hand while assisting police with the arrest, during which officers used pepper-spray, reports Die Presse.

The Attacker [pictured above during his arrest] is described as having been 60 years old, a German citizen, and “obviously mentally disturbed”.

This stabbing is the third such on a moving train in central Europe in a month. Others have been attributed to radical Islam, including an axe attack in mid July when an Afghan “refugee” injured four with an axe on-board a Wurzburg train. The Islamic State claimed the attack.

In another attack just this weekend, a migrant origin male set a Swiss train on fire and stabbed six. One of those injured was just six years old, according to reports. The attacker and one 34 year old woman died.

Both today’s Austria attack and Saturday’s Switzerland attack took place in close proximity to the shared border between the two countries. The two train attacks are less than a 40 minute drive from each other.

The names of the attacker responsible have not been released by police yet in either case.

In 2015, a Moroccan national Islamist gunman boarded an intercity train between Belgium and France and opened fire on passengers. He was taken down by two holidaying U.S. Marines who happened to be on-board after his assault rifle jammed.

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