Hungarian MEP Suggests Pigs’ Heads on Border to Deter Invasion

Andor Derzsi Elekes/Wikimedia Commons

A remark criticising Hungary’s lauded border defence against illegal migration has spurred a national politician to suggest pigs’ heads be placed on the country’s fences could be a more effective deterrent.

Gyorgy Schopflin responded on Twitter to a tweet by Human Rights Watch’s Andrew Stroehlein, which criticised carved vegetable heads placed near the Hungarian border wall. Slamming the vegetable heads carved to look like faces, Stroehlein blasted Hungary’s refusal to welcome illegal migrants, writing: “Refugees are fleeing war & torture, Hungary. Your root vegetable heads will not deter them”

Gyorgy Schopflin, an MEP from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party replied: “Might do so. Human images are haram.”

“But agree, pig’s head would deter more effectively”, the politician added.

The right wing politician’s assertion refers to readings of Islam in which the religion’s prophet Mohammed warned followers that drawings of animate objects are ‘haram’, or “forbidden”.

Mr Stroehlein ‏then called Mr Schopflin an “embarrassment” to the country, writing: “An MEP spouting such xenophobic filth… You are an embarrassment to Hungary, to Europe & to humanity.”

Hitting back at the NGO boss, Mr Schopflin warned: “Temper, temper. I suppose you are unfamiliar with concepts like haram, hence t conniption [sic]. Have a pleasant evening”

Furious, Mr Stroehlein likened the MEP to a “neo-Nazi troll”, writing: “Your words are disgusting. I expect that from anonymous neo-Nazi trolls. But you’re an MEP. Act like one.”

The Hungarian academic and right wing politician then chided Mr Stroehlein, telling him his “language is beginning to resemble hate speech”.

Mr Stroehlein criticised the country after officials placed carved vegetables at the border.

Despite the charity worker’s plea regarding the plight of refugees, the majority of migrants illegally entering Europe are not fleeing war. Many of those who left from Syria and Iraq are now seeking to leave Europe, dissatisfied with the level of benefits.

A fierce critic of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Mr Stroehlein has continued on Twitter to try to attract more attention to the Hungarian politician’s politically incorrect tweet. Mr Schopflin refuses to be intimidated, however, tweeting that he has “nothing to apologise for”.