No Punishment For The ‘Climate Change Is Racist’ Airport Protesters. How Is That right?

London City Airport

The group of #blacklivesmatter protesters – all of them white – who caused the cancellation of dozens of flights by chaining themselves to the runway of London City Airport have been let off by the magistrate with conditional discharges.

That is, they will not face any punishment for the millions of pounds worth of disruption, misery and inconvenience they caused in order to make their utterly risible point that “climate change is racist.”

Is this really the message Britain’s legal system wishes to convey to the world: that no matter how crappily worthless your cause you are free to do as much commercial damage you like, provided you can dress it up as something politically fashionable like anti-racism or environmental awareness?

And how exactly does this tap on the knuckles by the magistrate square with the custodial sentences handed out to burglars, muggers, car thieves and so on who have caused damage a fraction of the value of that inflicted by this gang of spoiled trustafarians on London City Airport, its carriers, and their passengers?

I hope the victims of this stupid, pointless stunt now take civil action against the protesters and sue them for millions.