Tory MP: BBC Should Play ‘God Save the Queen’ Every Night to Celebrate Brexit


BBC One should restore the tradition of playing the national anthem at the end of the day’s programming in honour of Brexit, a Conservative MP has said.

Andrew Rosindell has tabled a motion calling for the anthem to be played before the channel’s programming switches over to BBC News 24 late at night.

The MP for Romford called for the BBC to be “unashamedly British” and celebrate Brexit with a statement that “Britain is back”.

BBC One used to play the national anthem every evening at the end the day’s programming, but abandoned the tradition in 1997.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Mr Rosindell said: “The British Broadcasting Corporation should be unashamedly British and playing our British National Anthem once a day on BBC One is not much to ask.

“They used to do it and it’s time it was restored, to send out a message that Britain is back, following Brexit in tribute to Her Majesty in this, her 90th year!”

The Conservative MP has made a name for himself campaigning on patriotic causes.

Last year, he called for special fast channels at UK airports for citizens of other countries that have Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“It is a travesty that citizens from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, all of Her Majesty’s Realms have to queue up in the foreign nationals channel at London Heathrow airport, while citizens from European Union countries that have never had any historical connection to the Crown or the United Kingdom, are allowed to enter alongside British citizens by virtue of their EU membership,” Mr Rosindell said.

The member of Parliament has also been vocal on the importance of trade and cooperation with the Commonwealth — the global group of 52 nations that predominantly have a common history of British settlement or rule — and has been instrumental in getting the flags of those nations regularly flown on the flagpoles around Parliament Square.