Hillary Backer Bonnie Greer Pulls Out of TV Appearance Against Breitbart’s Kassam


The left-wing, U.S.-born playwright Bonnie Greer has hastily withdrawn from a Sunday morning television discussion on the BBC after realising she would be up against Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam.

Ms. Greer – who has debated Mr. Kassam on Channel 5 on the subject of gun control in the United States previously – tweeted that she cancelled her appearance on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme because it would “make her ill” to feature on the same show as the Breitbart London editor.

Ms. Greer lost the Channel 5 debate in 2014, and appears to be afraid to face Mr. Kassam on the BBC’s popular Sunday show.

Speaking in reaction to her pulling out, Mr. Kassam said: “It’s interesting, isn’t it? She had no problems facing me a few years ago, even going so far as to suggest I stay in touch with her after the debate. Now, she refuses to debate.

“There’s only one thing to say in this scenario… she’s a chicken lacking the confidence in her own arguments”.

Ms. Greer’s cancellation drew criticism from Twitter users:

The BBC has not yet replaced Ms. Greer for tomorrow’s discussion.