Pro-Life Societies under ‘Constant Attack’ at British Universities

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Pro-life students are suffering “constant attacks on free speech” at British universities as student unions try to shut down their societies.

A report by the Alliance of Pro-Life Students (APS) says societies at a number of universities have come under attack recently as militant pro-abortion students try to have them banned, although many attempts have so far failed.

At the University of Newcastle, students recently failed in an attempt to de-ratify the Life Society, claiming its presence on campus was “harmful” and “upsetting”.

A motion put before the Students Union accused the society of being a “discriminatory group that alienates and will make many young women feel unwelcome on campus,” and called on the Union to “actively work to prevent any anti-abortion groups/campaigns on campus.”

Meanwhile, a petition calling for the disbandment of the University of Cardiff “Students for Life” society has so far gathered 232 signatures, although it has yet be turned into a formal motion. It comes two years after a motion that would have effectively banned pro-life activity on the campus was overwhelmingly voted down by a show of hands.

Pro-life students at the University of Strathclyde have also struggled in getting the Student Union to recognise their society on the basis of a policy that has not even been approved yet.

A motion saying that “anti-choice groups should not be affiliated to, funded or promoted by the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association” has been proposed at several meetings, but has so far failed because not enough people were present to vote.

The Alliance of Pro-Life students said: “These constant attacks on the free speech of students across England, Wales and Scotland highlights the need for pro-life leaders on campus. The Alliance of Pro-Life Students is here to stand up against these motions with pro-life groups and ensure that they continue to operate on campus unimpeded by such moves.”