Terror Suspect Found With Loaded AK47, ISIS Flag Arrested

Dutch Prosecutor

Dutch police have announced the arrest of a man suspected of preparing a terror attack in Rotterdam on Wednesday.

The Netherlands prosecutor announced the unnamed 30 year old man was arrested on Wednesday and was found to be in the possession of items including an AK47 rifle with two full magazines, reports RTL Netherlands.

Other confiscated items taken during the counter-terror raid include a painting depicting the Islamic State battle flag, four boxes of explosives — possibly banned fireworks — a number of mobile phones, and €1,600 in cash.

The man was arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack following information gathered by the Dutch intelligence service.

Dutch member of parliament Geert Wilders commented on the arrests through his twitter account this afternoon, calling it the “Netherlands thanks to [Prime Minister] Rutte”. The accusation is his first public remark since the Freedom Party leader was convicted of inciting discrimination after a long trial that culminated this morning.

Mr. Wilders also took a swipe at Dutch prime minister in his post-trial comments today, remarking: “And I have also a message for Prime Minister Rutte and the rest of the multicultural elite.

“You will not succeed in silencing me and defeating the PVV. Support for the Party for Freedom is stronger than ever, and keeps growing every day. The Dutch want their country back and cherish their freedom. It will not be possible to put the genie of positive change back in the bottle”.

The planned Islamist attack in Rotterdam comes just days after the Netherlands voted to ban the Islamic Burqa from public places like schools and courtrooms. The Dutch parliament of which Mr. Wilders is a member voted 132-18 in favour.

Those contravening the ban will enjoy €410 fines.

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