BREXIT SPIRIT: ‘Six Months On’ Poll Reveals Britain Would STILL Vote To Leave


Britain would still vote to leave the European Union (EU) if a referendum was held today, a new ComRes poll has revealed.

Despite the pro-EU establishment’s attempts at claiming a Brexit vote today would yield different results, a poll by CNN/ComRes found that 47 per cent of people would vote to leave, 45 per cent would vote to Remain, and eight per cent of people were undecided.

The survey of over 2,000 people also revealed that a majority of Britons do not want a second referendum, another tactic being employed by legacy Remain campaigners in their attempts to derail the Brexit vote from June 23rd.


The results also reveal that 41 per cent of respondents believe Britain should not “leave the Single Market” — a continuing false dichotomy presented to the British public — while 36 per cent believe Britain should leave the Single Market. Twenty-three per cent say they do not know.

Despite the best attempts of Remain campaigners to paint the Single Market issue as “in or out”, it is becoming more commonly known that Britain can maintain access to the EU’s Single Market without being members.

The United States, for instance, has access to the Single Market, as does Switzerland.

And more people than not were optimistic about Britain’s future outside the European Union.

Forty-seven per cent of respondents said they believe Britain will be better off outside the EU, while just 36 per cent believe the country will be worse off.

And the results reveal that a majority of the British public are disdainful of efforts to circumvent the result of the referendum.

Sixty-three percent of people said Remain campaigners are trying to keep Britain in the union despite the vote, with just 20 per cent of people saying that is not the case.

Fifty-five per cent of people now expect immigration to the UK to decrease, while 32 per cent say the vote will not have a big impact.