Model Dropped From Big Brother House After ‘Islamophobic’ Comments

Celebrity Big Brother - 1st Eviction
Photo by Nat Jag/Getty Images

Model Jasmine Lennard has reportedly been dropped from the Celebrity Big Brother House 2017, after producers accused her of making Islamophobic and transphobic comments.

The 31-year-old Lennard — best known for her modelling work and as a reality TV personality — was reportedly courted by the producers of Celebrity Big Brother for some time, only to be abruptly dropped when comments deemed offensive were found on her Twitter feed.

One of the tweets read: “All Muslims may not be terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim”, the Daily Mail has reported.

Another, regarding the former athlete Bruce Jenner, who now prefers to be called Caitlyn, read: “Call me old fashioned, call me ignorant whatever you like you know i’m an honest person and i really can’t pretend that i think that’s ok on any level.”

An inside source told the Sun: “Big Brother bosses were desperate to sign Jasmine and spent months courting her and upped their initial financial offer significantly.

“Finally she accepted their offer and was given the details about filming but then Big Brother did a complete 180 and said the offer was being retracted due to Islamophobic and transphobic remarks.’

The source added: “The show is locked in a legal battle with Jasmine who feels they are using the remarks as a scapegoat for another reason, and that they should honour their agreement and pay the money.”

Despite a string of Islamic terror attacks blighting Europe in 2016, including atrocities in Brussels, Nice and Berlin, among others, the British authorities and media have exercised far more rhetoric combating perceived Islamophobia than terrorism or radicalisation.

Olympic champion gymnast Louis Smith was dragged through the court of public opinion in October 2016 after footage emerged of Smith laughing at a friend who was pretending to pray in an Islamic style, while both were drunk and at a wedding. Smith was accused of “mocking” Islam, and was made to apologise repeatedly as well as attend a number of mosques to learn more about the religion. He was also banned from competing for two months by British Gymnastics.

More recently, in December, Bristol police responded to an Islamic terror attack in Berlin which claimed 12 lives by stepping up patrols – to combat Islamophobia in the city centre.

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