Manhunt for Syrian Migrant Plotting Toxic Gas Attacks on British Seaside Towns

Chemical War Nerve Gas

German police are said to have uncovered evidence of a plot to carry out chemical attacks in British seaside towns while raiding a huge migrant camp.

The authorities were searching the camp for Christmas market killer Anis Amri, but the Tunisian migrant easily evaded his pursuers by taking advantage of the European Union’s borderless Schengen Area, travelling through several countries before being discovered by two Italian police officers in a random stop-and-search. He shot and injured one of them in the ensuing gunfight, before being killed by rookie cop Luca Scatà.

What the German police did find, according to the Sunday Express, were partially burned documents describing toxic agents and two undisclosed towns on the English seaside, believed to belong to a Syrian chemical weapons scientist. The scientist is thought to be at large in Europe after crossing its external frontier posing as an asylum seeker.

Frontex, the EU Border Agency, has previously admitted that there are “no thorough checks or penalties in place for [migrants] making false declarations”, allowing individuals who represent a security threat to infiltrate the continent.

The scientist was trained by the Assad government but may have transferred his allegiance to Islamist groups working to overthrow the president, and was already subject to a manhunt by American security services. Islamic State has used mustard gas and chlorine gas in Iraq and Syria, but it is feared that this individual may be capable of deploying far more sophisticated toxic agents.

Previous reports by Breitbart London have highlighted how easy it for migrants to penetrate Britain’s “porous” borders, and there is a real danger that the fugitive is already in the UK.

The revelations follow an admission from the Minister of State for Security, Ben Wallace, that Britain faces the prospect of a “mass casualty” chemical attack at the hands of Islamic State in the near future, with British-born Muslims as well as migrants posing a threat.

“There are traitors,” Wallace told The Sunday Times. “The insider threat … is real and can be exploited, and there are people trying to do that as we speak. If it’s hard to get in the front door, then what you try and do is get someone on the inside.”