Police Hunt ‘Africans’ After Nurse Lured Into Park By Fake Cries For Help and Sexually Assaulted


German police are hunting “five black Africans” after a nurse was lured into a city park after her shift and sexually assaulted.

The 28-year old nurse was knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted by up to five men after she was lured into bushes in Hamburg’s Lohmühlen park, reports Germany’s Bild newspaper. The nurse, who had just finished her shift at the St. George Clinic and was returning to her parked car nearby, told police when she heard “screams” for help coming from the greenery she immediately ran towards them to help.

Being knocked unconscious around ten o’clock in the evening, the victim telephoned the emergency services after coming round. Paramedics found the woman to be in a state of hypothermia with her clothes torn off.

Telling police she had “vague” memories of the attack, it is reported she said her attackers spoke no German between them, were five “black Africans” between the ages of 20 to 30, with one of the men being of “giant” stature.

The state of Hamburg is experiencing a surge in migrant sex crimes over the past year. Breitbart London reported in January that some 45.5 per cent of suspects in sex attacks in the city over 2015 were of non-German origin, suggesting migrants were significantly over-represented in the statistics.

Of those suspects identified, five were confirmed to be asylum seekers, two had the status of “toleration” meaning that they were either failed asylum seekers or illegal migrants that have avoided deportation. Some 36 of the suspects had different residential statuses, two suspects were identified as illegal migrants, and a further two had been deported after being convicted of sex crimes.

Breitbart London reported on one of these attacks in December, when a 34-year-old Moroccan migrant was accused of following a 24-year-old woman into a toilet. The man was accused of then punching the woman in the face and raping her.

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