Gatestone: Migrant ‘Child’ Who Turned Out To Be Adult Threatened To Kill Foster Mother

loose women

Gatestone Europe reports on the remarkable testimony of a foster mother who had a migrant male placed with her who claimed to be 12 years old, but soon become violent towards her and her family and later transpired to be a fully grown adult.

They report:

During an interview on the British show, ITV’s Loose Women, a woman who wished to remain anonymous tells her story about taking in a supposed 12-year-old Syrian child refugee. However, dental checks pointed out the boy was actually between 19 and 21 years old, and after being shy and friendly initially, the young man became very hostile towards the family that took him in.

“He was lovely in the beginning. Very humble, very polite, very thoughtful. But as the weeks went by I started to notice a change in him. (…)

‘I became very frightened, he became quite menacing after I set up a Facebook account for him.

‘I was hoping to help him find his family and then shortly after he was receiving these phone calls where his manner would change dramatically and he became intimidating and quite threatening. (…)

I can remember one day he went up to the fridge and he was looking at a photo of me and my daughter, as if he was trying to intimidate me through my daughter. (…)

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