‘Mr Brexit’ Nigel Farage: ‘I Don’t Trust Any Political Insider or Careerist, That’s Why I Support Judge Roy Moore’

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Brexit leader Nigel Farage joined show host Raheem Kassam on the Breitbart News Daily Show Monday morning ahead of his appearance at the Alabama rally for Judge Roy Moore, and explained why he had decided to support the candidate.

Explaining he was in Mobile, Alabama at the invitation of Breitbart News Network executive chairman Steve Bannon the former UKIP leader turned media commentator spoke on the significant efforts made by the political establishment to overturn the revolutionary events of 2016 — Brexit and the Trump election — and the controversy surrounding the NFL national anthem scandal.

Listen: Nigel Farage joins Raheem Kassam on the Breitbart News Daily

Turning to Tuesday’s vote between deplorable Roy Moore and Whitehouse establishment pick Luther Strange, Farage told Breitbart London Editor in Chief that the success of Moore was an important step in rejecting the pressure by the Washington elite. He said: “If you think back to last year we have the big Brexit vote, we had Trump becoming the president, it truly was the revolution of 2016. And here we are a year on and the establishment is fighting back.

“In Britain they are doing everything they can to delay Brexit, to water it down. Over this side of the pond, from day one the judges, members of Congress, people are trying to stop the Trump project.”

Referring more specifically to Strange, the Brexit leader continued: “The funny thing is what’s stopping Brexit, what’s stopping Trump putting through his agenda — it’s not the enemy, it’s not the other side. It’s people who say they are on our side, but in reality, they’re not actually conservatives but they are part of the establishment. And that’s why to get us all back on course we’ve got to get the conservative campaign back on course, we’ve got to put people into elected positions who are not prepared to compromise on their positions for the sake of their career.”

Explaining why specifically he had placed his trust in Judge Moore, Farage said: “I’ve been inside the European Parliament now for over 18 years. I’ve watched the way national governments operate, I’ve watched the way the European Parliament operates and I can say this now I’m a [political] veteran — I don’t trust anybody that’s an insider. I don’t trust anybody that’s a careerist.

“I want people who have done things in life themselves, who have interests and aren’t beholden to anybody. And that’s why when the chance came here to support Roy Moore I was happy to do so.”

Nigel Farage will join Steve Bannon, Phil Robertson, businessman and star of popular television programme Duck Dynasty, as well as Moore himself Monday evening at the Alabama rally. The appearance of Mr Farage, Breitbart London understands, is not to oppose President Trump but to assist him in battling against Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s candidate in the GOP primary.

Mr Farage told Breitbart London he was keen to help the President achieve his goals, and that his appearance at the rally was about helping to cement the victories over the political establishment that the President and his base won in 2016.

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