Failed UKIP Leadership Candidate Anne Marie Waters Launches New ‘For Britain’ Party

For Britain

Former UKIP leadership candidate and Sharia Watch director Anne Marie Waters has soft-launched a new political party — For Britain — which it boasts will be “set up by the end of the week”.

Taking the name from her campaign to lead UKIP — Anne Marie For Britain — little has yet been revealed about the new party other than its name and logo — a stylised three-pronged trident rendered in red and purple.

Traditionally the weapon of Neptune, god of the Sea, the trident is known as the weapon held by Britannia — the caricature personification of Britain — and has been a symbol of maritime power.

Notably missing out the Conservatives, a brief statement on the new For Britain Party Twitter states they are hoping to oppose UKIP and Labour.

Waters’ campaign to become UKIP leader, in which she placed second behind former soldier Henry Bolton, was characterised by some controversy over her uncompromising views on Islam.

In a video released Monday afternoon shortly before the new party enjoyed its soft launch, Waters bemoaned that she and her allies had been labelled as “Nazis and racists” during the UKIP leadership race, labels which she dismissed as false. She also hit out at new UKIP leader Henry Bolton, remarking his desire to sit down and discuss Islamism with the Muslim community is “capitulation”.

Calling for excitement and honesty in British politics, Waters said: “I will keep fighting so that British children can feel proud of themselves again… so that the working class can have a voice again. You can be certain of one thing — I am not going away, and I will still be fighting Islam and the enormous threat it poses.

“Our papers are in with the electoral commission and our website is almost ready.”

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