Convicted murderer Gheorghe Mihai attempted to stab a woman to death in the street less than a year after moving to the United Kingdom from Romania.

The 38-year-old was found guilty of attempted murder at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Monday after flying into a drunken rage and stabbing his sister-in-law Roxana Mihai in the village of Lye, West Midlands, on August 7th last year, the Express & Star reports.

The car wash attendant chased the 23-year-old woman down the street brandishing a knife after she had interrupted a conversation that he was having with her husband whilst they were waiting at a bus stop.

“He looked like a man possessed,” an eyewitness, lorry driver Kieran Langan, told the court.

“He was in a rage. She was backing away. I could tell that she was scared. Then I saw him open his jacket and pull out a large kitchen knife.

“I stopped the lorry because I thought I was about to witness a murder in the High Street,” Mr. Langan added.

The convicted murderer then ran after the young woman, tripped her up, and stabbed her at least four times in the face, head, arm, and back whilst she lay helpless on the ground.

Romanian Gaman Bobi, who had been talking to the couple at the bus stop, followed them, telling the court: “He raised his hand above his head and stabbed her on the face by her right eye. She was on the floor screaming. He raised his hand up again and stabbed her in the back of her head.”

Mihai only stopped attacking her after her husband caught up with him, leaving their infant child in the care of others at the bus stop, forcing Mihai off his wife and punching him in the face. Mihai then fled and waited to be arrested by the police at a nearby garage whilst his sister-in-law was taken to hospital for treatment.

In 2006, Mihai had been convicted of murder and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment in his native Romania – a European Union member state whose citizens can exert the privilege of Free Movement across the bloc – for battering a man to death with a piece of wood in 2004.

Though Free Movement can be restricted on grounds of “public policy, public security or public health”, the directive says “previous criminal convictions shall not in themselves constitute grounds for taking such measures” and a convicted criminal can only be barred from entry on a case-by-case basis if he presents “a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat affecting one of the fundamental interests of society”.

And if the UK Border Force was not aware of the Romanian murderer’s conviction, it could not challenge his entry – either his or countless other EU nationals with criminal convictions.

Mihai’s case is only one in the latest in a number of murderers and sex offenders who were free to enter the UK unchallenged thanks to EU Free Movement.

In December, Breitbart London reported that two Romanian brothers who served sentences in France for rape in 2016 went on to brutally rape a London woman.

A Romanian car washer with a history of sexual offences was jailed for 16 years in September after entering the UK and attempting to rape a grandmother.

And in August 2014, 14-year-old schoolgirl Alice Goss was crushed to death in an apparent attempted rape by convicted murderer Arnis Zalkalns.  Zalkalns had served seven years in prison for beating his wife to death in his native Latvia.

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