WATCH: Teen Hears Mother Clearly for First Time with Cochlear Implant


A 14-year-old Texas girl with hearing loss is able to hear clearly for the first time in her life after receiving a cochlear implant.

According to CBS News, Breanna was diagnosed with severe hearing loss as a baby and could not hear anything except muffled sounds. Her hearing worsened over time to the point where even her hearing aids could not help her understand speech.

This August, however, Breanna tried out her cochlear implant in her left ear and was able to hear the sound of her mother’s voice for the first time.

“Can you hear my voice?” her mother asked.

“Yes,” Breanna replied, smiling.

The moment was emotional for all present.

“Getting to see her hearing sounds better than she ever has before, getting to see that emotion – the happiness – is just so special,” Kelsey Gross, senior marketing manager at The Center for Hearing and Speech, told Kiro 7 News.

CBS reports that Breanna will work with a speech therapist and an audiologist for the first three months after her cochlear implant is turned on.

The team will determine after working with her whether her right ear is a good candidate for a cochlear implant, as well.