We Are Breitbart Meetup – Austin, Texas

We are Breitbart Austin

1/13/2016 – Austin, Texas

The Austin, Texas, Breitbart Meetup had an attendance of over 100 patriots at Fast Eddies Pool Hall. Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby laid out the humanitarian case for a secured border over the course of an hour and a half. Darby’s talk was followed by an in-depth Q and A centered around illegal immigration, Mexican cartels, and border security.

Most of the Breitbart readers in attendance stayed long after the event concluded, sharing drinks, telephone numbers, and email addresses so they could stay in touch and continue building a community.

“This was right on,” said one of the attendees, Doug Giles, Managing editor of Clash Daily. “This had Andrew’s spirit.”

The crowd ranged from construction workers and IT professionals to medical doctors and law enforcement personnel. Darby stayed for several hours after the event and continued answering questions and talking with those who stayed. One attendee summed up the evening this way: “So informative and it was so great to see a group of conservatives who are willing to rally and take our Country back! Let’s keep this movement going!!!”

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