We Are Breitbart Meetup – San Antonio, Texas


1/14/2016 – San Antonio, Texas

Breitbart readers gathered in San Antonio at Fast Eddies Saloon and Billiards for the first-ever San Antonio Breitbart Meetup. The gathering came on the heels of a meetups in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Mostly like-minded patriots met up for drinks and discussion. The meetup differed from previous gatherings in that Breitbart Texas Editor, Brandon Darby, acted more as a moderator for the highly engaged attendees, whose well-informed opinions covered subjects ranging from foreign policy to terrorism to Mexican cartels.

“It was amazing,” said Darby. “So much passion in the crowd that I decided to just moderate. It was clear that more meetups are needed in the area. Some of them were members or participants in Tea Party groups, but most were not. Most were people who are just now beginning to step out and engage.”

One individual appeared to be a part of the Occupy movement and made his case as to why the grassroots right and left should join forces. Darby was quick to say that the grassroots left would need to “ditch any talk of offing cops or calling cops pigs,” before any such discussion would occur.

An attendee summed it up this way: “Brandon Darby handled the meeting well. His discussion about drug cartels was very enlightening. He was deft at bringing the discussion back when things periodically went off topic. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to other meetups.”

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