We Are Breitbart Meetup – Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines Lead

1/20/2016 – Des Moines, Iowa

Conservatives concerned about the direction of their country gathered at Smokey D’s BBQ in downtown Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday night with Breitbart News’s Washington, D.C. editor Matthew Boyle and political reporter Alex Swoyer to discuss the bias of the mainstream media and the scandals plaguing Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

“The sophistication of Breitbart’s impressive readership was on display yet again tonight in Des Moines, as the great group that turned out at Smokey D’s downtown had a great discussion with Alex Swoyer and me,” Boyle said after the event.

“We talked in depth about the Clintons’ problems, the Republican primary, and what our readership can do to help us as we continue this effort to expose the Washington establishment for what it truly is. As we travel the country, we’re learning more from our readers than they are learning from us. We look forward to the next successful Breitbart meet-ups in cities across America as we activate and mobilize our readership to become engaged in the process and help us in exposing the permanent political class.”

Attendees traded thoughts about the 2016 election and exchanged contact information over cocktails and BBQ.

One interesting question was raised during the discussion about whether or not it’s necessary to report again on Bill Clinton’s sexual past as opposed to new scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton, such as her private email server as Secretary of State, her alleged health issues and foreign donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

A millennial woman in attendance agreed that his sexual past should be reported because of the younger voters who weren’t alive at that time and should be reminded of what occurred.

“I love Breitbart News and every time I kept getting on the website it said, ‘Meet up Meet up,’ and then as I’ve been watching current events in the country and just getting more concerned about the future of our country,” Grace Kohl said about why she decided to attend the Meet Up. “It’s another way to network and meet other conservatives and discuss things and try to take back our country for my generation.”

“It’s especially fun to hear the different generations … having the same concerns and the same passions,” she added.

“I think it’s just important that people are informed,” Grace’s sister Fern Kohl added. “I think in our generation – in my friend group in particular – they just keep their head in the sand. It’s kind of a ‘ignorance is bliss’ [mindset].”

“I follow a lot of news sources so finding Breitbart really…it does help to know you’re getting the truth,” Kohl added.

Boyle and Swoyer will be hosting another We Are Breitbart Meet Up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursday night, 1/21/16 at 5:30 PM at Porky’s Bar and Grill.



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