We Are Breitbart Meetup – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids

1/21/2016 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A group of Breitbart readers and like-minded, liberty loving conservatives joined Breitbart News’s Washington, D.C. editor Matthew Boyle and political reporter Alex Swoyer to discuss how the media is covering the 2016 election and exposing corruption in local, state and federal government on Thursday night.

Bob and Judy Topping drove a couple hours to attend the ‘We Are Breitbart’ Meet Up at Porky’s Bar and Grill in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursday.

“The other night we had our Republican county meeting, we’re getting ready for the caucuses,” Judy Topping explained. “We really haven’t had a dialogue with anybody else, so it was really nice to get together with just a couple of those people. We were kind of talking about what’s going on.”

After seeing the pop up alert on Breitbart.com of the ‘We Are Breitbart’ Meet Up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she said, “I thought well, this would be a good time!”

The Toppings also said they listen to Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon every morning.

Another attendee raised the topic about exposing corruption within local government.

Boyle and Swoyer agreed that exposing corruption within a city council or mayor’s office is important and encouraged the crowd to participate in citizen journalism – if they see something unusual, raise questions and alert others on social media.

The group also discussed Benghazi and the mainstream media while having cocktails and exchanging contact information.

The next ‘We Are Breitbart’ Meet Up is in Manchester, New Hampshire on January 25.



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