IDF Preparing for Possibility of ISIS Approach to Border

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The IDF is preparing for the possibility that Russian air strikes will push Islamic State, currently 40 km. away from the Israeli border, toward the Golan Heights in the coming months.

Additionally, the IDF’s 210 Habashan Division, which defends the Golan Heights, is also closely watching Shuhada Yarmuk, an Islamic State-affiliated militia made up of some 600 members, armed with tanks, mortars and other weaponry.

Both Islamic State and Shuhada Yarmuk are fighting al-Qaida’s Nusra Front in Syria, and given the ongoing battles between them, as well as with the Syrian regime, there is no likely immediate threat of an attack by the array of global jihadists in the area.

Read the full story at the Jerusalem Post.


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