WATCH – Fatah Music Video: Drown Israelis in a Sea of Blood 

fatah anti-semitic hate video

TEL AVIV – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement broadcast a music video on its television channel that called on Palestinians to “drown [Israelis] in a sea of blood, kill them as you wish,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

The video, shown on the Fatah-run Awdah TV on January 4, included the following lyrics:

“Pick up your weapon and advance, Jerusalem is calling in pain

Come on, strike them, you have the strength

Turn your anger into the fire of hell …

Besiege them in all their neighborhoods

Drown them in a sea of blood

Kill them as you wish”

Watch the full video below:

The music video honors two terrorists who were killed while carrying out attacks on Israelis, including Fadi Alloun, who committed a stabbing attack, and Muhammad Halabi, who launched the current wave of violence when he stabbed two Israeli civilians to death in front of their young families in October. Halabi was described by Fatah officials as a “hero” who fulfilled his “national duty.”

The video features Fatah supporters and masked men brandishing weapons. At one point, a Jewish man wearing a prayer shawl is shown running down a street in the Old City of Jerusalem before being knocked down and beaten by young Arabs.

The clip also shows a picture of a Palestinian baby who was killed when his home was set on fire by Jewish extremists, an act of terror that was vociferously condemned by Israelis across the political spectrum. This month, Israel indicted 21-year-old Amiram Ben Uliel, a member of the‎ radical Jewish “Hilltop Youth,” with three counts of murder, attempted murder, arson, and ‎conspiracy to commit a nationalistically-motivated crime.

According to PMW, “This combination of messages is common in Palestinian music videos. Palestinians are simultaneously shown as victims and heroic killers of Israelis. This, when combined with the encouragement of violence – in this case the explicit call for murder – sends the implicit message that the murder of any Israeli is justified ‘revenge.'”


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