Israel Braces for Sandstorm, Followed by Heavy Rains

sandstorm over Tel Aviv

The Jerusalem Post reports: Following a weekend with sunny skies and spring-like temperatures, Israeli braced for an incoming sandstorm expected on Monday, likely to precede heavy rains and unseasonably cold weather on the days that follow.

In addition to the dusty conditions expected to blanket the country’s South, causing high pollution levels, the Israel Meteorological Service forecasted light rains in the North, intensifying and spreading to the coastal plain by the evening.

The incoming storm is the result of a wintry depression coming in from the Aegean Sea, through southern Turkey and the Gulf of Iskenderun, Dr. Amos Porat, head of the Climate Department at the IMS, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

“Its preceding winds will be southerly to southwesterly and strong, resulting in haze and sandstorms mainly [Monday] and perhaps partly on Tuesday,” Porat said. “Later, the winds will become southwesterly to westerly, which will bring rain to northern Israel and part of central Israel. It will be much cooler since cold air will flow from Eastern Europe and Turkey through the Mediterranean.”

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