Top Hamas Official Threatens Gaza Family Over Daughter’s Refusal to Marry Him

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JAFFA, Israel -A top Hamas official has been accused of threatening the family of a young woman he wanted to take as a second bride, the Palestine News Network website reported on Wednesday.

Salah Bardawil, the leader of the Hamas faction in the Palestinian parliament, was accused of telling the Gaza-based Judah family that their refusal to allow their 25-year-old daughter to marry him will lead to grave consequences.

“Nobody says no to Salah Bardawil,” the married 50-year-old allegedly told the family.

The father of the intransigent bride-to-be turned to top Hamas leaders, including Mahmoud al-Zahar and Ahmad Bahr, in pleas for help that remained unanswered. “I even asked Allah for protection from his threats,” the father told the website.

Bardawil, the site reported, remained unfazed. “I’m intending to marry your daughter next week,” he apparently told the family.


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