Israeli Military Industries Expanding Range of Air-to-Ground Bombs

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley
AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

The Jerusalem Post reports: Israeli Military Industries is expanding the range of its air-to- ground weaponry, and is in varying stages of developments of three new types of bombs.

The new bombs include the MPR 1000 and MPR 2000 munitions, whose names signify their weight in pounds.

They have a significantly smaller blast and shrapnel radius than their MK 80 US equivalents, allowing for greater accuracy. The smaller blast radius can reduce harm to noncombatants, and enable much closer air support for ground forces in battle arenas.

Additionally, the new bombs can penetrate reinforced concrete, and detonate with a delayed fuse when reaching their targets. This allows them to be used to target terrorist bunkers, or to pierce floors on a multi-story building before exploding at the target.

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