IDF’s Upgraded Battle Management System Designed to Cripple Israel’s Enemies

An Israeli soldier keeps watch at the site where a Palestinian man reportedly tried to ram his car into a group of Israeli soldiers and was then shot dead, near a military post in the Israeli occupied West Bank north-east of Jerusalem, on December 24, 2015

The Jerusalem Post reports: A new version of a key battle management system received by the IDF is designed to ensure that crippling, successive, accurate strikes are leveled at Israel’s enemies in future conflicts, senior military sources told The Jerusalem Post.

The system, known as Lake Castle, was upgraded in under three months by the Military Systems for Command, Control and Management, which is made up of hundreds of young computer programmers.

The changes became operational in January.

Lake Castle, first created a decade ago, generates a centralized operations picture for military decision-makers that can be accessed by commanders at the General Staff and territorial command levels.

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