Hezbollah Terror Chief Threatened to Destroy Israel with Ammonium Nitrate Explosion

Hassan Nasrallah
Getty Images

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has in the past threatened to annihilate Israel with what he described as a “nuclear” explosion at the Haifa port using the same chemicals found at the Beirut blast, The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday.

The newspaper further said Tuesday’s blast, which killed a hundred and injured thousands more, took place at a warehouse that held 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated from a ship.

Since 2009, the Iran-backed terror group acquired thousands of tons ammonium nitrate from Homs in Syria, the report said, citing leaked diplomatic cables, and infiltrated Lebanon’s agriculture ministry to bring it into the country.

According to the report, archival footage of Nasrallah threatening to destroy Israel with ammonium nitrate, “illustrates Hezbollah’s terrorist strategy of targeting civilians for mass murder, despite the organization’s claim that it is ‘resisting’ Israel by defending Lebanon.”

A separate report by the newspaper said Hezbollah kept three metric tons of amonium nitrate in a storehouse in London, until MI5 and the London Metropolitan Police discovered the cache in 2015. The terror group also stored hundreds of kilograms of ammonium nitrate in warehouses in southern Germany, which were uncovered earlier this year — with the help of Israel’s Mossad spy agency.

In a February 2016 filmed speech, Nasrallah boasted that with several missiles his terror group could set off the ammonia stockpiled at Haifa port to set off an explosion that would be tantamount to a nuclear bomb and would kill tens of thousands of Israelis and ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands more.

“In other words Lebanon has a nuclear bomb. This is not an exaggeration,” Nasrallah said, laughing.

A year later, in another clip filmed in February 2017, he said: “There is a ship that brings the ammonia, and distributed it to the Haifa facility and I said that the Haifa facility is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb, but the ship that carries ammonia to occupied Palestine is like five nuclear bombs.”

The footage “suggests that Hezbollah studied the use of ammonia as an accelerant that would multiply exponentially the power of its missiles,” the report said.

In 2015, the M15 uncovered a bomb factory on the outskirts of London in which tons of ammonium nitrate were stashed in ice packs, according to a report in The Telegraph last year. The ice pack tactic was also used in Germany.




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