Report: Liz Cheney Receives More Donations from California than Any Other State

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) vice chair of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 U
Mark J. Terrill/AP

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has received more donations from Democrat-controlled California than any other state, including Wyoming, Federal Election Commission (FEC) data revealed about Cheney’s fundraising for the Republican primary, which will be held on August 16.

“More than 1,100 Californians contributed nearly a tenth of the $13 million Cheney raised through June 30 for her reelection campaign,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “In that period, she received donations from just over 200 Wyoming residents, totaling more than $260,000.”

The data represents donations from individuals under the Federal Election Commission’s $200 threshold. The data excludes donations from PACs for fundraising committees.

Cheney’s California fundraising has spiked in the 2022 campaign cycle, where she finds herself down by about 30 points to Donald Trump-endorsed local attorney Harriet Hageman. In 2020, Cheney raised $161,608 from Californians. In 2018, she raised $5,900. In 2016, Cheney’s first campaign, she raised $100,875 from the state, the Times reported.

In contrast, Hageman has done very well with Wyoming voters, who have donated more than $1.2 million — more than four times as much as Wyoming voters have donated to Cheney, FEC data shows.

Cheney’s California donors include Hollywood elites, such as studio mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, producer Kevin Bright, and director Gary Ross.

“We disagree on most everything,” Katzenberg told the Times before adding that Cheney “has been heroic and selfless in her performance and her loyalty to America and our Constitution. I stand in awe of her.”

But many Wyoming voters disagree with the Hollywood elites’ opinions of Cheney. When asked by CNN what they thought of Cheney, who has allied herself with the partisan Democrat January 6 Committee, not many positive words were expressed.

“Can I cuss?” one voter responded when asked about Cheney. “She’s done us dirty,” the voter said. “Look at how she’s done Trump. I’m a Trump fan.” In 2020, former President Donald Trump won about 70 percent of the vote in Wyoming. “She’s supposed to be supporting him,” the voter continued. “She’s a Republican, for crying out loud.”

“Personally, I think she’s had three too many [terms],” another voter said.

“Why doesn’t he [Trump] have a defense team in that courtroom?” a third voter said when asked about Cheney’s claim that she is defending the rule of law on the January 6 Committee. “That ain’t the rule of law. That’s a kangaroo court.”

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