WATCH: UC Irvine Protester Held Back After Clash With Dissenter Gets Physical


Left-wing protesters outside Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking engagement at the University of California, Irvine had to be physically restrained after a confrontation with a dissenter threatened to turn ugly.

The confrontation began after a grey-haired man was surrounded by student protesters gathered outside the venue. After swatting an object held by one of the protesters away from his face, several students ganged up on the lone dissenter, physically looming over him. After shoving one of them away, the protester then had to be restrained by fellow students.

“You’re all a bunch of brats” the lone dissenter told protesters. “Don’t throw things in my face.”

“Bunch of entitled brats is what you all are.”

Students could later be seen complaining to campus officials that he had “hurt” one of the students, and questioning why the police present on campus were not taking action.

“Don’t count on the cops to be on your side” screamed one protester towards the end of the video. “They’re on the side of money. They’re not on your side. They’ve never been on your side.”

The man also told campus officials that he “should be protected.” He was then asked to move to the side of the courtyard where dissenters to the protest were being separated from the protesters themselves.

Campus authorities clearly anticipated trouble at Milo’s event, as there was a significant presence of security services keeping protesters and their opponents separated. They even brought out riot police:

Milo’s full talk at UC Irvine can be watched below:

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